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CORPORATION ("C," or "S") 

Corporations afford limited liability to its shareholder owners.

Corporation ( Incorporation)


A corporation is a state create legal entity that has existence thru the issuance of a certificate.  The corporate certificate is much like the human birth certificate.  A corproation also needs an ID number.  The federal EIN acts as such number and it is much like a social security a human is issued at birth.  

With a certificate and a tax identification number, the corporation comes into existence as a legal entity - as oppose to a natural entity as for example a human being. A Corporation affords more liability protection than a sole owner business structure. A Corporation can live longer than a sole owner as a legal entity.  Greatest benefit of an Corporation? It protects y9our personal assets! For example, If an accident happens in the operation of a business under the corporation, the corporate assets are liable for the judgment - as opposed to the shareholder's personal assets such as his home. 
So as opposed to an LLC, your business assets are not protected but your personal assets are protected from Corporation wrongs and liabilities such as tax and debts as well as civil wrongs.


These days, corporation are used by large companies that issue stocks, nonprofits, and small "S" corprorations.   Apply online here.


Step 1—Do You Need to Incorporate?

If you are a large public company, want to save on employment taxes, or you are a nonprofit, incorporating may help you.

Step 2—Apply for Incorporation

You can apply online for incorporation:  submit you application online on our site. When you do, you can quickly receive you corporate artilcles of incorporation and the bylaws for the most affordable price. 

Step 3—Answer a few questions

The first question requires you to select the type of business structure such as a sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, or partnership. In your case you will choose "Corporation".

You will need to provide a name and a registered agent as well as the form   requests your name and Social Security number before you can finish your application.

How It Works

Submit a Form

Submit a form with your business information.

Select Permits

Select the permits you need.

Check Out

Submit the form and pay for the services.

We Will Obtain Them

We will obtain the permit and mail and or email them to you. 

Business Permit

All business permit also called a  license, business tax registration or home occupation permit.

Seller's Permit

All wholesalers, retailers and wholesale buyers need a seller's permit.  


An LLC is an legal entity structure.  It will protect both your personal and business assets.


Users of a trade name, must register the name with a Doing Business As,  (DBA) certificate.  

What Do I Need to Start My Business?

First, if you using a trade name, you need to register, it. Then, your businesses must obtain a business license, and an EIN.  When registering the name, you also choose the business structure because.  

What Licenses?

Anyway, you need to select legal structure as a sole propr., partnership, or LLC, Corp. Legal structure selection requires a certificate filing. For example, an LLC requires an LLC articles of organization certificate.

How Much & How Long Does It Take?

DBA obtainment is $39 plus state fee, Seller's Permit $39, and LLC/Corp. is $49 plus state filing fees.Most filings are done on the same day or about 1-3 days.  To see LLC and Corp. click here. 

How Can I Learn More?

You can take a short quiz and it will tell you what you need to register your business.  Click on the "Quiz" link at the top of the page.

Where and How to obtain the permits

You can obtain all the permits here. As a business, you will need at least a business permit, an EIN permit, a seller's permit if you are buying /  selling wholesale or selling retail, a state EIN if you are hiring and an LLC, DBA, or Corporation if you want to become a corporate entity or simply register your assumed trade firm name.

How Do I obtain a business permit for my small business?  

You need to know the requirements first. For example, there are permits on the federal, state, county and city levels.  For instance, hygiene related businesses must go thru the county while others thru the state only or the city. Still others, they may have to have federal permitting.  Finally, keep in mind that home and online businesses need permits. 

Learn more about the different permits

When starting a business and getting permits, you need to know how to fill out the business permit application.  For example, some businesses must select the type of structure when filling out the permit application.  Being a home business may require you to get a home occupation permit and or a business permit.  

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